The Listing Process

You sign a Listing Contract, the “For Sale” sign goes up on the lawn, and then what?

The “For Sale” sign is possibly the best selling tool a REALTOR® will have when you are trying to sell your home. However, it is not the only tool, and not the first thing you should think about.  The first thing your REALTOR® will help you with is lots of solid advice on how to prepare your property so that it will present in the best possible light to impress Buyers.

Our REALTORS® are experts at assessing the proper sale price for your property in the market of the day with the tools available to them.  Remember, Buyers are usually checking out the competition and are quick to know whether a property is priced too high or too low.  When you have set the price and done the necessary clean-up, then the “For Sale” sign can go on your lawn.

If your Listing Agreement is a Multiple Listing Agreement, details about your property will soon after become available to other REALTORS® who have potential Buyers they are working with.  Also, your REALTOR® will notify his or her list of prospective Buyers shortly after you have listed.

Our REALTORS® will at your request schedule your home for an up-and-coming REALTOR® Open House which will give all the REALTORS® active in the area an opportunity to preview your home for their potential Buyers.

Our REALTORS® will field all calls and inquiries from customers and other REALTORS® and then your REALTOR® will arrange with you appropriate showing times as required.  All potential Buyers will be escorted by a licensed REALTOR® when viewing inside your home.  When there is a showing of your home, it is best for you and your family to be elsewhere during that time.  Prospective Buyers often find it difficult to give the house a really good look if the owner is present and they may not give your home the attention it deserves.  Since strangers will be in your home, although they will be supervised by the REALTOR®, you should make sure to have secured away your personal valuables.  You can expect our REALTORS® will provide you with a showing report shortly following the showing.

Any written offers to purchase made for your property will be presented to you by your REALTOR® and he or she will walk you through the contract, assist with negotiations and address any of your questions so that you can feel comfortable that you understand the contract and your role in it.

Selling a property can be a complex task but, as the Local Experts, our REALTORS® know all the ins and outs.  You can depend on our Team of Professional REALTORS® when you decide to sell your home.

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