Do You Realty Need a Realtor?

Do you need a Realtor® to sell your home?

Selling a property is one of the biggest financial transactions most of us will ever make. It is not a sale you’ll want to regret.

Saving Money – The main reason people attempt to sell their own home is to save money on Real Estate Commission.  However, most Buyers expect a discount from the Seller because you are not paying a commission and, as a result, may offer you less than the fair market value for your home.

Determining Market Value – If you set your price too high, you may frighten off or eliminate potential Buyers; set it too low and you could lose thousands of dollars needlessly.

Getting Exposure – Through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) and the international web site available to our Realtors®, he/she will ensure your home gets the maximum exposure to the public and to other REALTORS® and their list of potential Buyers.  There are many other tools our REALTORS® may use to market your home such as advertising on the internet and in newspapers and other printed publications.  Our REALTORS® may also include your home in a REALTOR® Tour that exposes your property to other REALTORS® who work in the area and have a list of potential Buyers. Our REALTORS® will also expose your property to their already developed database of clients they know who are looking to buy.

Time Commitment – Do you really have the time it takes to sell your home?  Aside from preparing the home for sale and maintaining its appearance throughout the marketing period, do you have time to arrange, write and pay for ads to market your home; remain available day and night to field calls for prospective Buyers, host showings, including showings on short notice; screen potential Buyers; create and complete legal contracts related to an offer; handle negotiations and the many other details required to sell your home?  When you consider the amount of time invested, are you really saving any money going it alone?

Negotiating Skills – Many homeowners lack the skill to negotiate the best price for their home as the experience can be highly emotional and find it almost impossible to remain neutral when a potential Buyer makes negative comments about the property.

Use A REALTOR® To Sell Your Home – When you consider the services they provide – marketing, time invested, negotiating, dealing with legal issues – it pays to have one of our REALTORS® on your side and entitles you to an array of services and benefits you will not get when you “do it yourself” and for which has no initial expense to you.  You don’t pay until the job is done!

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